Jun 212008

Eleven TNT members made it all the way to Half Dome this summer. The youngest was 11-year old Christopher Hansen. Although the hike was very challenging, not one person turned back early. The following individuals of TNT made it all the way: Alex Ellis, Suzanne Ellis, Megan Eppler, Stephanie Eppler, Alex Hansen, Ben Hansen, Christopher Hansen, Karen Hansen, Sam Hansen, Zach Hansen and AJ Reid.

A swimmer had asked, “How was the hike?” Beside the obvious response of painful, exhausting, time-consuming, and all those other inconveniences that come with reaching a worthwhile goal, from my perspective the hike was an amazing accomplishment.
Oftentimes success at a meet includes the number of swimmers who can make finals. This is true even at the most advanced teams in college swimming, and at their most advanced meet. Besides the spectacular view, what made our hike to Half Dome most rewarding for me was the fact that no one, NOT ONE PERSON, turned back early. This is like going to a meet, and having 100% of the athletes making it to finals.

The dynamics of a TEAM help provide support for achieving even the most difficult tasks – in fact it’s a necessity. The lower the goals, the less important the team; the higher the goal becomes, the team becomes more important in lending support and establishing expectations – even if the expectations are not verbalized. This support and expectation helps the group achieve.

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