Jul 152008

Seven TNT swimmers competed at the Clovis Senior Qualifying meet held at Clovis North during the July 10th weekend. The seven swimmers maintained an improvement percentage of 57% led by thirteen year old Nathan Rhea who improved all events entered and fifteen year old Joshua Tabers who also improved all events. Swimmers who improved 50% or more of their times included Sam Hansen, Kohlton Norys and Jordan Stotts.

While competing at the meet fifteen year old Sam Hansen breaks his pre-existing team record in the 800 meter freestyle by over ten seconds. The record that was established while at the Porterville meet now stands at 9:14.72, only six seconds off the Sectional time standard. After returning from Olympic Trials while eighteen, now nineteen year old Kohlton Norys also improves his previous record in the 400 meter freestyle that was set two years ago while competing at Junior Olympics at the age of 17. His 4:03.66 is over eleven seconds faster than the pre-existing record. Thirteen year old Nathan Rhea competed among the senior swimmers at the meet and successfully broke our team record in the 1500 meter freestyle event. Nathan’s 17:56.53 is now over 13 seconds faster than the team record of 18:09.62 previously set by Kohlton Norys while fourteen years of age at the Bakersfield meet in July of 2004.

Six of our seven swimmers scored at the meet by placing in the top 16 in their respective events. Point getters included Kohlton Norys who led the team in points by winning both the 100 and 400 meter freestyle events. Megan Eppler and Jordan Stotts each brought in 12 points as they both finished in 7th place in their events (100 free and 100 breaststroke respectively). Nathan Rhea scored in both breaststrokes finishing 10th in 200 and 13th in the 100 scoring 11 points. Sam Hansen scored in the largest number of events as he finished 16th in the 800 free, and 13th in both the 1500 free and 200 breaststroke events. Fifteen year old Josh Tabers scored 13th in the 200 back while he also went on to make a new Sectional cut in the 50 meter freestyle with a 26.05. Our 4×100 freestyle relay of Joshua Tabers, David Lombardi, Kohlton Norys and Jordan Stotts swam a 3:39.20 and placed 2nd by five seconds behind Clovis Swim Club and ahead of the seventeen other teams from Boston, Fresno Pacific, Navada, Santa Barbara, Fresno and Long Beach.

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