Mar 102009

Fifty-three TNT swimmers competed at Junior Olympics this February, making it the largest showing in the history of the club at any Junior Olympic championship meet. Forty-nine of our swimmers qualified and participated in individual events. TNT placed fifth at the meet that hosted twenty-nine teams. With a total of 1,767 points, TNT was the third highest placed Central California Swimming team. Canyons Aquatics won with 4,207 points, with Clovis second. Bakersfield placed fourth with 2,226 and TNT placed behind Bakersfield.

 Our 1,767 points was an accumulation from 1,174 points gained by individual events and 593 points gained by relays. Our top point getters were led by Mallory Korenwinder (124 points), Dax Korenwinder (123), Nathan Rhea (115), and Jonathan Granada (110). The following thirty-four swimmers scored in individual events while at the meet.

Nine team records fell to three individuals at the meet, and these were led by Jonathan Granada. Ten year old Jonathan breaks his own record with a 6:14.61 in the 500 free event by improving nearly ten seconds. His 100 fly improved over three seconds to a 1:12.09 to break Micah Storey’s record that was set back in 1987 at the Fig Garden Racket Club. Jonathan went on to set the 200 IM record by improving that event by over five seconds. His 2:41.68 is faster than Jason Ricablanca’s record that was established that was set at the Monterey meet in 1992. The final 10-under boys record that was broken at the meet was Jonathan’s four and a half second drop to a 1:04.52 in the 100 free. This former record also belonged to Jason Ricablanca and was set at the RCA meet in 1992.

Fourteen year old Nathan Rhea broke three records while at the meet. Nathan improves over thirty-five seconds in the 1000 free event to a 10:20.70 and breaks Allan Johnson’s record that was set at Far Westerns in 1989. He went on to break the 500 free team record with a 4:56.21; the record formerly belonged to Kohlton Norys and was set at Far Westerns in 2004. His final record was an improvement of his own 400 IM. Nathan had previously set the record in Chowchilla this past October, and improves it by over three seconds to a 4:25.98.The final record breaker was ten year old Mallory Korenwinder. Mallory set two new team records, the first being a 34.16 in the 50 breaststroke event. This time is currently the second fastest time swam in the nation this year by any 10 year old girl. The previous record was held by Lindsey Storey and was set at the RCA meet in 1994. Mallory’s 1:15.99 also broke Lindsey’s record that was set in 1994 at Far Westerns. Her time is currently the sixth fastest in the nation for all 10 year olds.  Additionally, thirty of our swimmers improved 50% or more of their times. Ten of our swimmers improved all events entered. These included Bryan Brown, Courtney Burmmet, Hannah Giles, Luke Gregory, Katelyn Herrera, Emily Jacobs, Conor Martin, Makenna Mason, Shanti Matkin and Sarah Peltzer.

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