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Eight year old Preston Niayesh scores 94 points at the Fresno meet winning four of his five events at the meet. He remained undefeated in all 8-under events at the meet, and placed 5th among the older 10-under swimmers in the 200 IM. Preston joins Kohlton Norys by being the only two TNT swimmers to win individual events at the meet. Preston, who trains out of Visalia, also maintained a high 80% improvement percentage by improving four of his five events.

Eleven year old Khloe McCarthy, while working her way to becoming one of TNT’s strongest distance swimmers, braves the 200 events at the Fresno meet while still on the bottom of the age group. Khloe becomes the first 11-12 girl swimmer to swim the 200 meter butterfly event, and does it by negative splitting the 2nd, 3rd and 4th 50’s in the race. Khloe now holds the 11-12 girls team record in that event with a 3:13.87. She has also now swam every nationally recognized event in long course for her age group.

Chris E Jill Jimmy

Six of our twenty one TNT swimmers who competed at the Fresno long course meet during the June 19th weekend improved 100% of their times. These improvements were led by Jill Jackson training with Bill Freeman as she improved five of five events. Megan Nino of Visalia had a perfect improvement with the next most numerous events entered. Megan improved four of four events. The team improvement percentage was a high 55%. The following table lists all swimmers who improved 50% or more of their times. Congratulations on a job well done.

Six year old Jazmine Niayesh successfully swam three new long course events at the meet. Two of these events included the 8-under 50 fly and 100 freestyle. Her most impressive event was her performance as a six year old competing among the 10-under swimmers in the 200 IM event. Jazmine was one of our high point winners from the Porterville meet held earlier this year.

Khloe Kohlton Preston

Congratulations to all swimmers.

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