Jul 202009

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The Senior Q meet in Clovis became the last opportunity to qualify for Sectionals, and became the first opportunity for some of our young swimmers to experience senior-level swimming at a local level. Twelve TNT swimmers qualified for, and competed at the meet with Kohlton Norys and Nathan Rhea leading the team in total points. Kohlton scored a total of 75 points in his six events, while Nathan scored a total of 60 points in his six events. Other point getters included: Sam Hansen(31 points), Jordan Stotts (20 points), Katherine Bristow (7 points), Alex Hansen (6 points), and Christopher Nolan (5 points).

Times from six of the individual events were fast enough to rank among the top 30 times currently in the nation. Of those times swam at the Q meet, Mallory Korenwinder maintains the highest ranking of 8th in her 100 meter breaststroke (1:23.12). Jordan Stotts swam a half second off of the Winter National cut (and 3 seconds off of last year’s Olympic Trial cut) with a time that ranks 16th among all 22 year olds in the nation (11th when considering non-foreign swimmers). Nathan Rhea next ranks 19th in the nation among all 14 year olds in the 200 meter breaststroke (2:34.17), and Kohlton Norys swam off of his time, but still fast enough for the 20th fastest time nationally for all 20 year olds in the 200 meter backstroke (2:08.77). Mallory Korenwinder was the sole individual with two swims that ranked among the top 30 nationally. Her 200 meter breaststroke (3:05.41) currently ranks among the top 28 in the nation.

92% of all our swimmers entered earned a second swim at the meet. Champions in the meet included Kohlton Norys who won the 100 freestyle (52.78) and Jordan Stotts who won the 100 meter breaststroke (1:07.04). Other top eight finishers (championship finalists) included: Sam Hansen (6th – 200 breast; 7th – 400 free); Kohlton Norys (3rd – 100 fly, 5th – 200 IM, 2nd – 200 back) and Nathan Rhea (3rd – 200 breast, 8th – 400 free, 4th – 1500 free, 8th – 200 back). Consolation Finalsist included: Katherine Bristow (100 back, 200 back), Alex Hansen (400 IM, 200 breast, 200 back), Sam Hansen (100 breast), Christopher Nolan (400 IM, 200 fly), Kohlton Norys (200 free), and Nathan Rhea (100 breast). Additional swimmers who swam to a bonus final included:  Hannah Giles, Katelyn Herrera, Mallory Korenwinder and Joshua Tabers.

Four team records were broken by two swimmers at the meet. Record breaking performances were led by Nathan Rhea. Nathan broke his own 100 and 200 breaststroke records while at the meet. His 2:34.17 in the 200 meter breaststroke was fast enough to qualify for Sectionals this next week. The third record Nathan broke was in the 13-14 400 meter freestyle event. His 4:27.85 broke Kohlton Norys’s 4:28. 90 that was set at a Clovis meet in 2004. Jordan Stotts was the other record breaker. Jordan’s 1:07.04 100 meter breaststroke time broke his own pre-existing record, and is now a mere .24 seconds off of the Winter National time standard, and 2.35 seconds off of last year’s Olympic Trial cut.

The overall team improvement percentage was 47% with five swimmers improving 100% of their times: Mallory Korenwinder, Christopher Nolan, Nathan Rhea, Allison Ross and Jordan Stotts. Improving 50% or more of their times were: Sam Hansen (67%), Katherine Bristow (50%) and Alex Hansen (50%).

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