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Forty nine TNT swimmers competed at the long course Junior Olympics held at Central High School in Fresno to place second behind the 73 member Clovis Swim Club. Tule Nation Tritons scored 3360 which was 145 points behind the Clovis lead of 3505 point. Success of our TNT swimmers was clearly reflected in individual events where TNT outscored all other teams by a margin of 355 points. Considering points generated only from individual events, TNT scored 2183, followed by Clovis (2538), Puma (1011) and Merced (995). Our total team points were led by our sole high point recipient, 14 year old Christopher Nolan. Chris outscored all 13-14 male swimmers with a score of 166 points with the next nearest swimmer scoring 135 points. Tule Nation Tritons had several individuals who were among the top 3 point getters at the meet, and these included:

· Ana Porchia (age 8 in the 8-under division) 2nd place with 89 points

· Jackson Huckabay (age 7 in the 8-under division) 2nd place with 69 points

· Mallory Korenwinder (age 12 in the 11-12 division) 2nd place with 141 points

· Kyle Grissom (age 12 in the 11-12 division) 2nd place with 150 points

· Owen Ansel (age 12 in the 11-12 division) 3rd place with 138 points

Although our total points in the individual events outperformed all other teams at the meet, our 30 relays also played a significant role winning 15 of the 30 relays we entered. 


First place relays:

·         8-under girls 200 FR Priscilla Niayesh, Lily Hodges, Katherine Sullivan, Ana Porchia
·         10-under boys 200 MR Alonso Escobedo, Dax Korenwinder, Michael Mason, Parker Giles
·         10-under boys 200 FR Michael Mason, Jonas Huckabay, Michael Jia, Parker Giles
·         11-12 girls 400 MR Khloe Mccarthy, Mallory Korenwinder, Mia Newkirk, Allyson Duffy
·         11-12 girls 400 FR Allyson Duffy, Mallory Korenwinder, Khloe McCarthy, Mia Newkirk
·         11-12 girls 200 MR Madison Ekizian, Mallory Korenwinder, Mia Newkirk, Allyson Duffy
·         11-12 girls 200 FR Mallory Korenwinder, Khloe McCarthy, Madison Ekizian, Mia Newkirk
·         11-12 boys 400 MR Jimmy Koster, Owen Ansel, Kyle Grissom, Fayyaz Ahamed
·         13-14 girls 400 FR Katelyn Herrera, Taylor Shaw, Emily Goodbar, Bre Abell
·         13-14 girls 400 MR Bre Abell, Taylor Shaw, Emily Goodbar, Katelyn Herrera
·         15-18 boys 800 FR Nathan Rhea, Wes Coles, Sam Hansen, Colin Landweer
·         15-18 boys 400 FR Nathan Rhea, Colin Landweer, Sam Hansen, Wes Coles
·         15-18 boys 400 MR Justin Lopez-Lamb, Sam Hansen, Nathan Rhea, Colin Landweer
·         15-18 boys 200 MR Justin Lopez-Lamb, Nathan Rhea, Colin Landweer, Sam Hansen
·         15-18 boys 200 FR Colin Landweer, Sam Hansen, Nathan Rhea, Justin Lopez-Lamb 

Second place relays:
·         11-12 boys 400 FR Owen Ansel, Jimmy Koster, Fayyaz Ahamed, Kyle Grissom
·         8-under girls 200 MR Katherine Sullivan, Ana Porchia, Priscilla Niayesh, Lily Hodges
·         10-under boys 200 MR Michael Jia, Preston Niayesh, JD Koster, Jonas Huckabay
·         11-12 boys 200 MR Jimmy Koster, Owen Ansel, Kyle Grissom, Fayyaz Ahamed
·         10-under boys 200 FR Preston Niayesh, Jake Goodbar, JD Koster, Dax Korenwinder

  • 11-12 boys 200 FR  Owen Ansel, Luke Dignan, Jimmy Koster, Kyle Grissom

Third place relays:
·         13-14 girls 800 FR Bre Abell, Taylor Shaw, Emily Goodbar, Katelyn Herrera
·         13-14 girls 200 FR Katelyn Herrera, Jessica Prestridge, Alexies Ledesma, Bre Abell 

4th-7th place relays:
·         13-14 girls 200 MR Taylor Shaw, Katelyn Herrera, Emily Goodbar, Bre Abell
·         13-14 girls 400 MR Delanie Dignan, Ashley Lamascus, Jessica Prestridge, Alexies Ledesma
·         13-14 girls 200 MR Jessica Prestridge, Ashley Lamascus, Alexies Ledesma, Delanie Dignan
·         11-12 girls 200 MR Khloe McCarthy, Jacqui Koster, Makenna Mason, Morgan Coddington
·         11-12 girls 200 FR Morgan Coddignton, Jacqui Koster, Makenna Mason, Allyson Duffy
·         13-14 girls 200 FR Ashley Lamascus, Delanie Dignan, Taylor Shaw, Emily Goodbar 




A total of 8 team records were broken at the Junior Olympics by four different swimmers. Twelve year old Kyle Grissom training in Visalia led the record-breaking performances by taking four of the eight team records while at the meet. Two of our team’s longest standing records were held by Micah Storey and included the 50 meter breaststroke and the 100 meter butterfly events. Micah swam a time of 38.54 in the 50 breaststroke at the Western Zone meet in 1989. Kyle’s 38.19 broke that record and is currently the 227th fastest time in the nation for all 12 year old boys in that event. Kyle also broke Micah’s swim of 1:11.13 in the 100 meter butterfly at the Junior Olympic meet in 1989.  Kyle’s new 100 butterfly record now stands at 1:10.36 and is the 168th fastest time in the nation. Last year Greyson Canterbury swam the 50 freestyle event at Junior Olympics and set the team record at 29.51. This year Kyle, at the very same meet claimed the record and it is now set at 29.46 and is the 376th fastest time in the nation. Kyle is currently training with Jason Ricablanca who was a former TNT swimmer who held several team records, including the 50 backstroke where he swam 35.76 at a Clovis meet in 1994. Kyle’s time of 33.87 at Junior Olympics has now set the new standard and is the 175th fastest time in the nation to date for all 12-year old boys. Kyle now owns five TNT team records.Another TNT swimmer who currently holds five team records is 10-year old Parker Giles. Parker had begun his record breaking performance early in the long course season, and continued it by setting two additional records at the Junior Olympics. Jason Ricablanca had set the team record for the 10-under boys 100 backstroke event with a 1:27.42 at Junior Olympics in 1992. Over this year’s 2010 Junior Olympics, a total of four swims by two TNT team mates were under the old standard. Parker Giles and Michael Jia swam times under the previous team record, and each swimmer did that twice, once in the preliminary heats, and once during finals. Michael Jia’s time of 1:25.46 (currently the 339th fastest time in the nation) along with Parker’s time of 1:23.87 (currently the 226th fastest 10-year old boys’ time) were both under the existing record. Parker now holds the new record. Parker had set the team record in the 100 meter freestyle with a 1:14.18 at the Bakersfield meet in May. His time of 1:13.11 swam at Junior Olympics now becomes the new standard and is currently the 335th fastest time in the nation. Ten year old Alonso Escobedo who arrived from Mexico only earlier this summer and is training in Hanford had performed at a level in the 200 IM with a time of 3:05.13 and was fast enough to break the pre-existing record of 3:05.81 that was set by Parker Giles in Clovis in May of this year. Alonso’s time is currently the 475th fastest time in the nation among all 10-yaer old boys. Alonso has become a valuable asset on the team, and has successfully made his presence known, not only on TNT, but within CCS, based on his performance. Our final record breaking performance came from 12-year old Mallory Korenwinder who swam 1:20.48 in the 100 meter breaststroke event, and this time is currently the 33rd fastest time in the nation for all 12 year old girls. Mallory had missed the team record by three-tenths of a second last year as an 11-year old while at the Western Zone meet in Hawaii with a time (1:21.65) that became one of the top 10 long course times swam in the nation among all 11-year old girls. This year, Mallory’s time of 1:20.48 was nearly a second under Joclyn Ford’s record of 1:21.39 that was set at Junior Olympics in 2002.  



Not only was the performance related to placing and points impressive, but the degree of improvement was also notable. Forty-six of our 49 swimmers entered into the meet have pre-recorded long course times with the club and entered into individual events. These 46 swimmers improved 71% of all individual events entered. Eleven of these swimmers improved all events, thereby maintaining a perfect 100% improvement rate.  


A total of 49 swimmers improved at least half of their times. These included:Alonso Escobedo (89%), Mallory Korenwinder (89%), Chris Nolan (89%), Bre Abell (88%), Kyle Grissom (88%), James Koster (86%), Luke Dignan (83%), Ana Porchia (80%), Taylor Shaw (80%), Emily Goodbar (78%), Wesley Coles (75%), Alex Hansen (75%), Madison McCarthy (75%), Colin Landweer (71%), Savanah Nolan (71%), Lilliana Hodges (67%), Michael Mason (67%), Nathan Rhea (67%), Chris Hansen (63%), Preston Niayesh (63%), Priscilla Niayesh (60%), Parker Giles (56%), Katelyn Herrera (56%), Dax Korenwinder (56%), Makenna Mason (56%), Delanie Dignan (50%), Allyson Duffy (50%) and Justin Lopez-Lamb (50%).


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