Oct 262010


A total of 11 TNT swimmers earned one of three high point awards within their division during the Merced Halloween meet during the initially rainy 4th Saturday of October. Two of our swimmers took home the first place high point awards. Fourteen year old Christopher Nolan outscored all 13-14 year old boys, while 15-year old Colin Landweer took home the honors for the 15-16 division. Nine additional swimmers earned the second or third place high point:


7-8 girls                 Priscilla Niayesh                             2nd place

9-10 boys             Alonso Escobedo                             2nd place

13-14 girls            Taylor Shaw                                    2nd place

15-16 boys          Wesley Coles & Nathan Rhea         2nd place

17-18 boys          Sam Hansen                                      2nd place

9-10 boys             Preston Niayesh                              3rd place

11-12 girls            Mallory Korenwinder                      3rd place

17-18 boys          Thomas Brown                                  3rd place


Ten swimmers became event champions in one or more events while competing at Merced, and the group was led by Priscilla Niayesh and Christopher Nolan who each won three of four events entered.



The cooler weather may have contributed to our improvement rate of 34%; however, despite the weather two individuals maintained a perfect improvement percentage of 100%. Congratulations to Janessa Bringe and Reagan De Long for their ability to perform well despite adverse conditions. Ten additional swimmers were able to maintain an improvement percentage at or above 50%. These included: Alonso Escobedo (75%), Emily Goodbar (67%), Justin Warner (67%). The following swimmer all improved half of their events: Luke Dignan, Alex Hansen, Sam Hansen, Athena Niayesh, Kara Nino and Savanah Nolan.

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