May 182011

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 Our 11-12 girls entered a time trial 4 x 50 medley relay event at the first of 2 meets held at Clovis hosted by TNT Selma with the intent of setting a team record prior to some our swimmers aging out of the group, and subsequently posted the top time in the nation to date. Our record breaking medley relay led off by Morgan Coddington, and followed by Mallory Korenwinder, Mia Newkirk and anchored by Allyson Duffy swam a time of 2:19.37 which appears to be the fastest time in the nation even as of May 15th, 2011 for any 11-12 girls 4×50 medley relay. Our previous team record was 2:21.10 set at Junior Olympics last year by Madison Ekizian, Mallory Korenwinder, Mia Newkirk and Allyson Duffy.


TNT Selma and TNT Tulare hosted long course meets at the Clovis North facility during consecutive LSC meets. Four swimmers swam under pre-existing individual team records during the first meet hosted by Selma, The 10-under girls 400 meter freestyle record stood at 6:21.02 held by Madison McCarthy who had set the record at the Clovis Memorial Day meet in May of last year. Nine year old Janessa Bringe broke that record while at Clovis with her 6:17.09. Janessa’s time is currently the 50th fastest time in the nation for all 9-year old girls.  Not to be outdone, Madison McCarthy competed in the next heat to reclaim her title of current record holder of the 9-10 girls 400 meter freestyle event. The new record stands at 6:00.90 and is currently the 146th fastest time in the nation for all 10-year old girls.

Ten year old Preston Niayesh continued his record-breaking performances by improving both his 50 and 100 breaststroke events. Preston is currently our highest nationally ranked swimmer as he attempts to maintain his top-10 ranking. Beginning with age 11, USA Swimming recognizes the top 10 nationally ranked swimmers by way of a certificate and publication in Swimming World Magazine. Preston is attempting to join the ranks of Mallory Korenwinder, Nathan Rhea, Megan Eppler, Samantha Goates, Kohlton Norys, Brian Freeman, Kellie West, and Scott Jett (to name a few) by obtaining a ranking at age 10. Preston’s 50 breaststroke time of 42.37 currently ranks 13th, while his 100 meter breaststroke time of 1:30.92 currently ranks 6th in the nation for all 10-year old boys. The fastest 10-year old boy time in the nation is currently 1:28.17. The National Age Group Record for 10-under boys stands at 1:20.04 and was set in 1998.

Fourteen of our 46 swimmers improved 100% of their times. Perfect improvement performances were from: Keiren Arakawa, Morgan Coddington, Paige Coddington, Peyton Costa, Jackson Huckabay, Emily Lehrman, Khloe McCarthy, Madison McCarthy, Preston Niayesh, Christopher Nolan, Katherine Sullivan, Aaron Torosian, Ethan Torosian, Hannah Torosian, and Justin Warner.

Congratulations to Chrystelle Jaramillo, Hannah Mukai, Sarah Mukai, Jacob Ulery, Keira Ulery, Cameron Weas and Jerrod White for entering and swimming all new long course times recorded with the team.


Twenty-nine TNT swimmers entered the second of 2 meets held at Clovis North, and hosted by Tulare. The following 7 swimmers managed to maintain a 100% improvement despite the cooler weather. Congratulations to: Chelsea Arroyo, Jacob Goodbar, Lilliana Hodges, Michael Jia, Mallory Korenwinder, Athena Niayesh and Christopher Nolan.

Event champions at this meet included: Chelsea Arroyo (15-18: 400 free, 200 back & 200 fly); Janessa Bringe (age 9: 200 free, 100 back, 100 fly & 200 IM); Peyton Costa (age 7: 200 free, 100 fly); Allyson Duffy (age 12: 400 free); Emily Goodbar (age 14: 400 free, 200 back, 200 fly); Chris Hansen (age 14: 200 breast); Sam Hansen (15-18: 200 back, 200 fly); Colin Landweer (15-18: 400 free); Khloe McCarthy (age 13: 400 free, 200 back, 200 breast); Mia Newkirk (age 12: 100 back, 100 breast, 100 fly, 200 IM); Priscilla Niayesh (age 8: 200 free, 100 back, 100 breast, 200 IM); Preston Niayesh (age 10: 100 back, 100 breast, 100 fly, 200 IM); Chris Nolan (age 14: 400 free, 200 back, 400 IM), Nathan Rhea (15-18: 400 IM) and Taylor Shaw (15-18: 400 IM).


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