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Little Huckabay

Tule Nation Tritons managed to squeeze out a win to become the 2013 CCS Long Course Junior Olympic Champions, prompting a protest related to the scoring of swimmers in the 15-18 age division. Our swimmers accumulated 4076 points to outscore all other teams by a slight margin of 172.

Team Points

Our team score was led by high point recipients, four of which came home with the award. Peyton Costa was the high point recipient for the 9-year old boy’s division with 122 points, while Jackson Huckabay of Selma led all 10-year old boys at the meet with 174 points. Skylar Ford of Visalia came home with the honor in the 11-year old girls division with 59 points. On the 15-18 side, Khloe McCarthy and Colin Landweer were the recipients in the 15-18 division with 134 and 175 points respectively.

Individuals who were in the next two runner-up positions included: Danielle Albright (2nd 10-year old at 148 points), Kylie Walker (3rd 10-year old at 146 points), Toby Jones (3rd 10-year old at 93 points), Preston Niayesh (2nd 12-year old at 126 points), Morgan Coddington (2nd 14-year old at 144 points), Cody Nash (2nd 15-18 year olds at 111 points).

Tule Nation Tritons had multiple event champions that contributed to the first place team finish, and these were led by 18-year old Colin Landweer and 10-year old Jackson Huckabay who won eight and seven events respectively. Colin took home first place finishes in the 100 fly (59.75), 200 IM (2:17.33), 100 back (1:03.77), 400 IM (4:54.70), 200 free (2:01.37), 50 free (24.92), 400 free (4:22.63), and 100 free (54.97). Selma swimmer Jackson Huckabay came home with wins in the 50 breast (40.37), 100 breast (1:32.08), 200 free (2:24.33), 50 free (31.27), 200 IM (2:49.04), 50 back (37.80) and 100 free (1:07.67) events.

Several other swimmers were event champions, and they included 10-year old Danielle Albright (50 breast – 41. 37, and 100 breast – 1:29.89), Morgan Coddington (1500 free – 19:02.68), Chris Hansen (200 breast – 2:41.66), Katelyn Herrera (200 fly – 2:32.93), Mallory Korenwinder (100 fly – 1:04.95, 200 IM – 2:26.52, 200 breast – 2:41.68, and 100 breast – 1:13.90), Khloe McCarthy (400 IM – 5:21.62, 200 free – 2:14.31, and 200 back – 2:29.00), Matlyn Morris (50 free – 28.01, and 100 free – 1:00.73), Cody Nash (800 free – 9:30.34, and 1500 free – 18:28.80), Preston Niayesh (50 breast – 36.30, and 100 breast – 1:18.33), Taylor Shaw (1500 free – 20:20.82), and Kylie Walker (50 fly – 34.13, 50 free – 32.64, 50 back – 38.88 and 100 fly – 1:21.17).



There are only eleven nationally recognized events for the 10-under boys, and Selma Swimmer Jackson Huckabay reset six of those eleven team records. Parker Giles had set the team record in the 50 free as a 31.28 at the Clovis meet in 2010, and Jackson’s 31.27 now stands as the 64th fastest in the nation. He also set the 100 free team record as a 1:07.67, swimming under his preexisting record of 1:11.60 twice while at the meet. The new standards stands as the 31st fastest nationally among all 10-year old boys. Jackson had also previously set the 200 free team record as 2:34.85, and swam nearly ten seconds under it with his 2:24.33 – a time that only ten other 10-year old boys had matched anywhere in the nation. He had also become our top 10-under backstroker as his 37.80 went under Parker’s 39.24 that was set at the Age Group Invite in 2010. Parker also held the 100 back record set as a 1:23.87 at Junior Olympics in 2010, and Jackson again slid under the standard with a time of 1:23.55. Jackson’s backstrokes rank 174th and 284th respectively. Finally, Jackson improved upon Preston Niayesh’s 200 IM team record that was established at Junior Olympics in 2011 as a 2:55.97, and Jackson’s time of 2:49.04 now stands as the 53rd fastest nationally.

2013 LC JO Relay - Copy

Preston Niayesh reestablished two records, one for the 50 and the other for the 100. Preston had set the 50 breaststroke record at the Age Group Invitational earlier this year as a 37.47, and his swim of 36.30 at JO’s now stands as the 76th fastest nationally for boys of age 12. His 100 time of 1:18.33 went well under the record of 1:20.92 that he set in the championship heat at Speedo Grand Challenge earlier this year, and currently ranks 46th nationally.

On the 10-under girls side, Danielle Albright came away with a new team record in the 200 free with a time of 2:35.42, swimming twice under Janessa Bringe’s previous team record of 2:37.68 that was set at the Age Group Invite last summer. Danielle’s time ranks 211th among all 10-year old girls nationally. Kyle Walker continued improving team records that she set in both butterfly events, this time swimming 34.13 in the 50 fly improving her Age Group Invitational time of 34.44 and ranking and ranking 60th among all 10-year old girls nationally. Kylie also went under Janessa Bringe’s 100 fly record that was set as 1:24.50 at Junior Olympics last year. Kylie’s new record of 1:21.17 stands as the 167th nationally.
Mallory Korenwinder doubled up new team records, beginning with the 100 fly and a time of 1:04.95 that currently stands as the 82nd fastest time nationally, and is under the 1:05.91 that Emily Goodbar swam as she set the team record at Zones last summer. Mallory also swam 2:26.51 in the 200 IM, going under Megan Eppler’s previous team record of 2:27.72 that was set at Junior Olympics in 2007. Mallory’s time ranks 88th nationally.


11-12 boys relay


Although relays contribute significant number of points, results from the individual events carried the momentum and made up much needed ground. Any relay event that fielded two Clovis relays were lost to Clovis based on awarded points, despite whether the single TNT relay place first or second. The only relay division supporting two TNT relays was the 15-18 boys (5 total relay events for the meet), and this division was not supported by Clovis in mass. Clovis teams won 15 relays, and had two relays participating in 22 relay events out of the 36 possible relay. In comparison, TNT won 13 relays and only had two relays in five of those. Clovis outscored TNT in relays by a margin of 1,692 to 1,130 which is a 562 point discrepancy that the individual events needed to offset. If only 14-under relays contributed to the overall team score, TNT would have scored a mere 682 points, not only behind Clovis’s 1,298 points, but also behind the 748 points scored by Santa Maria’s 14-under relays.

relay award

Team Relay records were broken in the 11-12 girls 400 Medley composed of Madison McCarthy, Maddie Pallares, Janessa Bringe and Skylar Ford. The team swam a time of 5:12.62 for a second place finish, and slid under the previous team record of 5:12.94 set by Khloe McCarthy, Mallory Korenwinder, Mia Newkirk and Allyson Duffy at Junior Olympics in 2010. Our 15-16 male 400 free relay of 4:09.86 by Jeremiah Santillana, Justin Bos, Chris Hansen and Tristan Gains placed 4th and set the team record in that event. The previous record of 4:19.06 was set at Junior Olympics in 2009 by Nathan Rhea, Chris Hansen, Chris Nolan and Nick Orton. Our 11-12 boys 200 medley relay of Quinton Davis, Preston Niayesh, JD Koster and Brett Wong swam a time of 2:19.06 which was well under the team record of 2:21.79 set by Michael Jia, Alonso Escobedo, Parker Giles and Luke Dignan at JO’s in 2011. The 10-under girls team of Maya Herrera, Priscilla Niayesh, Danielle Albright and Kylie Walker , who broke the CCS record in the 200 medley relay earlier this summer, swam 2:15.53 in the 200 free relay, taking out the previous team record that was set as 2:18.85 a JO’s last year by Janessa Bringe, Priscilla Niayesh, Alex Roberts and Skylar Ford. The 11-12 boys 200 free relay of JD Koster, Preston Niayesh, Brett Wong and Quinton Davis swam 2:04.57, well enough to reset the team record in that event which was set as 2:05.36 in 2010 by Owen Ansel, Luke Dignan, JD Koster and Kyle Grissom.

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