Mar 122015

Ridgecrest Highpoint

The team improvement percentage of 72% was led by five swimmers who improved 100% of there times at the Beat the Cold meet held indoors in Ridgecrest in late January, and they included: Jakob Kitt, Rylee Lord, Genoveve Mcilwaine, Ava Olson and Annlyn Haworth. Annlyn Haworth not only improved 100% of her times, but went on to compete uncontested, winning all eight events that she was entered into. Needless to say, she was the high point recipient for the 11-12 girls division. Hanford swimmer Dylan Hunt took home first place finishes in the 200 free and 100 breast, while being runner up in the 50 breast, 100 free, 50 free and 200 IM events. Those finishes, along with his 3rd place finish in the 100 IM earned enough points to be the top scoring 11-12 male swimmer at the meet. The only other event champions for TNT at the meet included Hanford’s Jillian Gaines winning both the 13-14 500 free and the 13-14 400 IM events.

Those who improved 50% or more of their times included: Isabella Klawitter (86%), Jillian Gaines (78%), Nathan Hunt (75%), Naomi Haworth (71%), Tanner Kelm (67%), and Devon Cardoza (50%).

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