Mar 072017

Four team records fell during the short course Junior Olympic meet, and these were reset by three different swimmers. Fourteen year old Alex Roberts took home the gold medal in the 100 yard backstroke with a time of 58.27 which topped the previous team record held by Samantha Goates, and set in 2005 while competing at Sectionals while earning a final swim in the event. The previous record stood at 58.42, and now Alex’s time stands as the 151st fastest in the nation for girls at age 14. Alex’s time is also a qualifying time for Futures.

Alexa Wong set her first team record, and in the same 100 yard backstroke event, but for the 10-under girls division while placing 2nd. Alexa’s time of 1:10.30 is currently the 142nd fastest in the nation for girls at age 10, and she set a record that was established back in April of 1990 as 1:11.16 by Jill Edminster while competing at Far Westerns, and was therefore one of the longest standing records on the books.

Bryan Wong continues his record breaking performances in the age division by setting two new records for the 11-12 boys. His time of 1:03.20 finished 3rd in the 100 IM, and slid under Satoshi Shinkawa’s Far Western time of 1:03.64 set as the previous record four years earlier. Bryan’s time is the 285th fastest nationally for boys at age twelve in the event. His second record came in the 200 IM, where his time of 2:15.74 finished 2nd, and broke Coach Jason Ricablanca’s team record of 2:16.88 that was set in 1994 while competing at the Merced meet. The new record ranks 311th nationally for boys at the same age. Bryan now holds six of the eighteen short course team records, and they include: 50 breast, 100 breast, 200 breast, 100 IM, 200 IM and 400 IM events.

Forty-four TNT swimmers competed at this year’s sort course Junior Olympic meet over the February 17-20 weekend, resulting in an accumulation of 1423 points, and a fourth place finish as a team, behind Clovis (4791 points), CCAT (2193), Bakersfield Aquatics (1802), and just ahead of Las Vegas Swim Club (1365). Twenty-nine teams scored at the meet. A total of 1,146 points resulted from our 26 swimmers who scored during individual events, and these points were led by five swimmers who scored in the triple digits: Alexa Wong (120 points), Selma’s Sydnee Wilson (110), Bryan Wong (106), Visalia’s Layla Flores (103), and Selma’s Sienna Abernathy (100). Our remaining points from individual events came from: Lucas Huckabay (98), Jillian Duffy (81), Bryce Wong (72), Kylie Walker (62), Drew Black (55), Alex Roberts (51), Rylee Lord (41), Daniel Haley (35), Wyatt Ward (25), Addison Mccullough (14), Isaac Gutierrez (13), Nathan Boudreaux (13), Ava Olson (9), Diego Gutierrez (9), Tyson Phillips (8), Nadia Garabedian (6), Claire Welborn (5), Nicholas Vassylenko (4), Meghan Adams (3), Logan Huckabay (2), and Annlyn Haworth (1).

Our overall team improvement percentage exceeded an astounding 73% with nineteen of our swimmers maintaining a 100% improvement rate. Congratulations to: Sienna Abernathy (improving 8 of 8 events), Meghan Adams (1 of 1), Libby Adriaansen (1 of 1), Maquire Barteau (1 of 1), Drew Black (7 of 7), Aidan Champagne (3 of 3), Ciena Clarke (1 of 1), Collin Duffy (1 of 1), Isaac Gutierrez (4 of 4), Madalynn Lady (3 of 3), Genoveve Mcilwaine (1 of 1), Ava Olson (3 of 3), Alex Roberts (3 of 3), Luke Vanwoudenberg (2 of 2), Kylie Walker (4 of 4), Wyatt Ward (2 of 2), Claire Welborn (4 of 4), Sydnee Wilson (8 of 8), and Alexa Wong (7 of 7).

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