Jan 112022

Thirty-six TNT swimmers competed at the first swim meet hosted within Central California Swimming for the 2022 year, and six of our swimmers posted times fast enough to list among our all-time top 100 list in their respective events. Although at one time, not being considered a recognizable accomplishment, considering the number past swimmers who had been recognized, and swam for, considerable colleges such as within the CSU system (i.e. Cal State Bakersfield, Fresno State and San Jose State), University of California system (i.e. UC Santa Barbara) as well as private institutions in California (such as Cal Berkley, Pepperdine, and USC), and out-of-state institutions (such as the Auburn, LSU, University of Arizona, University of Kentucky, etc.), posting a time in many of our Top-100 lists has now become an accomplishment considering the low number of individuals who do post such times. For the Clovis meet, of the 172 swims that generated a time, 15 events (8.7%) were among the top-100 for the team, and only among swimmers who have had previously posted times. These postings were led by Michelle Murphy who posted Top-100 times in all four events for the 13-14 girls’ events. Michelle was also the event champion in the senior 100 freestyle event. Similar to Michelle, Blake Rogers likewise posted all four of his 11-12 swims among the all-time Top-100, and in addition, was the event champion in all four of his events. Junior National qualifier, Bryan Wong posted all three of his swims in the 15-over division while winning both the 100 breaststroke and 100 butterfly events, while Porterville’s breaststroke specialist, Nathan Boudreaux, posted all time Top-100 times in both the 11-12 50 and 100 breaststroke events. Rounding out our list of six swimmers was Nathan’s training partner from Porterville, Regan Hildreth who posted a Top-100 time in the 11-12 girls 50 breaststroke (and also won the 100 backstroke event), and Alexa Wong who posted a top-100 time in the 15-over 100 yard butterfly event.

Ten swimmers improved 100% of their events while competing at the first meet which typically follows an extended break, they include: Hannah Beer (8-under) who was also the event champion in the 8-under 25 breaststroke, Gabrielia Costamagna (15-over), Mia DeLaTorre (11-12), Isaak Ensz (11-12), Koen Ensz (13-14), Ada Maher (8-under), Benita Marshall (9-10), Amy Murphy (15-18), Sam Ruiz (13-14), and Elsy Witt (10-under).

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