Apr 122019

Our nation’s Division 1 NCAA Swimming Championships is considered to offer the fastest level of competition outside of the actual Olympic Games. Considering that many swimmers across the nation, and in the history of swimming, who have achieved Olympic Trial cuts have never earned a spot to compete at the Division 1 NCAA meet is an arguable testament that the D-1 NCAA level of competition supersedes even the Olympic Trials. It is, unquestionably, the fastest short course yard meet in the world, and getting an invitation to compete there is truly an accomplishment.

In the course of our team, we’ve proudly had four swimmers compete in individual events at the D-1 NCAA Championships, and most recently Mallory Korenwinder (competing for the University of Arizona) and Kyle Grissom (competing for USC) completed their season at this culminating meet in Austin, Texas. The two join Kohlton Norys (who competed for Auburn), and Samantha Goates (who competed for LSU) as D-1 NCAA qualifiers. Kyle Grissom had participated at the NCAA meet for the past three years, and his 50 freestyle time of 19.35 was fast enough to earn a spot at the meet this year. Mallory made her second appearance at the meet this year, after posting a time of 59.90 in the 100 yard breaststroke event. Kyle finished 26th for the 50 free in a field of 46 at the meet (the winning time this year was 18.63), while Mallory finished 30th for the 100 breaststroke in a field of 50 (the winning time was 55.73).