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TNT had 60 swimmers entered at the Clovis meet which was the second larges team to Clovis’s 105 swimmers. The next largest team was Fresno Dolphins who brought 39 swimmers to the Clovis West facility. A total of 327 swimmers were entered in the meet.

Due to the non-traditional scoring of the IMX meet, Clovis accumulated 76,829 points to TNT’s 53,593 points. The third “team” was the 36 swimmers who were still unattached in Central California Swimming and they accumulated 23,169 points. Including the unattached group, there were 12 teams that competed at the meet from throughout Central California.

Age divisions were established for the 8-under, while the 9, 10, 11 and 12 year old divisions were separately awarded. Five of our young swimmers went undefeated at the meet for their respective ages by winning each of the five events that they had entered. Perfect performances in terms of placing went to: Kyle Grissom training in Visalia (age 11), Thys Jacobi training in Tulare (age 9), JD Koster training in Visalia(age 8), Preston Niayesh training in Tulare (age 8) and Blaire Williams training in Porterville (age 10).

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Other champions in individual events included Bre Abell (500 free), Owen Ansel (100 back & 200 IM), Thomas Brown (500 free), Crista Droney (50 back), Allyson Duffy (100 IM), Jacob Harms (50 breast), Katelyn Herrera (100 free, 100 fly & 200 IM), Cori Hoover (200 back), Ashley Hughes (50 breast), David Jacobs (200 back), Michael Jia (50 back & 50 fly), Dax Korenwinder (200 free & 100 IM), Mallory Korenwinder (100 fly & 100 IM), Jacqui Koster (100 IM), Josh Koster (200 back), Colin Landweer (200 back & 200 breast), Makenna Mason (200 IM), Khloe McCarthy (200 IM), Madison McCarthy (100 free, 100 back & 50 free), Mia Newkirk (100 free, 100 back & 100 fly), Ella Niederreiter (100 IM), Christopher Nolan (200 fly & 200 IM), Savanah Nolan (100 fly & 50 breast), Ira Porchia (200 free & 50 free), Allison Ross (200 breast), Breann Santos (50 fly), JT Scott (500 free), Carter Shaw (50 fly), Taylor Shaw (200 back), and Keshin Visahan (50 back).

Seventeen of our swimmers improved all of their events that had been previously recorded with the team in events that were 50 yards and longer. Congratulations to: Tristian Abell, Bryan Brown, Thomas Brown, Taralyn DeLeeuw, Trevor DeLeeuw, Chris Ewins, Madison Gilbert, Jacob Harms, Tristin Herrera, Cori Hoover, Mallory Korenwinder, Joe Koster, Josh Koster, Kelsey Nickel, Nick Orton, Ira Porchia and Keshin Visahan.

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Finally, 9-year old Dax Korenwinder achieves his first Far Western time standard in the 100 yard breaststroke event. His 1:28.57 is currently the 5th fastest time on record for TNT and approximately one second off of the team record held by Micah Storey and set in 1987 at the Fig Garden racquet club. Micah went on to qualify for the US Open and Junior Nationals while in high school. 

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