Feb 102010

After a near miss of the team 11-12 girls’ team record in the 1650 during the Merced meet in October of last year, Selma swimmer Brianna Fleeman was determined to re-establish the standard during the Tulare meet. A near one-minute improvement by Brianna reset the team record from a 20:56.66 to a 20:03.39. The previous team record for the 11-12 girls was also broken by 11-year old Hanford swimmer Allyson Duffy who swam a 20:18.25 and swimming the event for the first time. The previous record was held by Khloe McCarthy from Tulare.

Tule Nation Tritons scored nearly a thousand points beyond the next team at the Tulare meet which is the last meet going into Junior Olympics. Our 1,381 points were led by First Place High Point Recipients: Matlyn Morris training with Bill Freeman (13-14 girls, 81 points), Mia Newkirk training in Hanford (11-12 girls, 75 points), Cori Hoover training with Bill Freeman (15-over girls, 50 points),  Thomas Brown training in Tulare (15-over boys, 48 points), Skylar Ford training in Visalia (7-8 girls, 48 points), and Micah Ruiz training with Bill Freeman (9-10 boys, 47 points).

High point awards were received by the top three point getters from each age/gender division. Second place high point winners included: Taylor Shaw training in Hanford (13-14 girls, 56 points), Kyle Grissom training in Visalia (11-12 boys, 50 points), Katherine Bristow training in Tulare (15-over girls, 45 points), Chris Nolan training in Tulare (13-14 boys, 37 points), Wesley Coles training in Tulare (15-over boys, 40 points). Third place point getters included: Allyson Duffy of Hanford (11-12 girls, 42 points), Sabrina Lopez of Selma (9-10 girls, 40 points), Jonas Huckabay training in Selma (9-10 boys, 37 points), Kaleigh Botill training in Tulare (15-over girls, 33 points), and Jackson Huckabay training in Selma (7-8 boys, 29 points).

Ninety-one TNT swimmers competed at the Tulare Last Chance meet that was host to over 300 swimmers from throughout Central California, southern California coastal region, and northern California. Tule Nation Tritons maintained a 56% improvement with 19 swimmers leading the improvements with perfect performances in improving all events entered. Those swimmers with 100% improvement include: Cameron Batth, Rajan Batth, Sydnie Burleson, Chris Ewins, Brianna Fleeman, Lauren Geiger, Alex Hansen, Chris Hansen, Sam Hansne, Dax Korenwinder, Colin Landweer, Dan Linderman, Marcus Lloyd, Madison McCarthy, Aneesha Nagra, Athena Niayesh, Savanah Nolan, Megan Rocha and Justin Warner. Congratulations to a job well done.

Congratulations to Sabrina Lopez (female, age 9), Delanie Dignan (female, age 12), Adrianna Pedro (female, age 14), Cameron Batth (age 10) and Ethan Torosian (male age 12) for making their first Junior Olympic cut while at the meet.

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