Sep 222011

During the first short course meet of the season, TNT swimmers took home high point awards in 8 of the 12 age group/gender divisions that ranged from 6-under boys and girls to the 15-over age group. Our team’s 4,735 points were led by high point winners: Paige Costa (6-under girls), Chase Belflower (6-under boys), Ian Belflower (7-8 boys), Preston Niayesh (9-10 boys), Alonso Escobedo (11-12 boys), Noah Haworth (13-14 boys), Taylor Shaw (15-over girls), Cameron Weas (15-over boys).


Eighty two swimmers competed as TNT during the first short course meet of the season hosted by Hanford. Twenty-seven of those swimmers improved every event they had competed in while at the meet based on previously recorded times achieved while on the team. Congratulations to: Danielle Albright, Cameron Batth, Desmond Brown, Sydnie Burleson, Reagan De Long, Madison Ekizian, Alonso Escobedo, Skylar Ford, Chris Hansen, Naomi Haworth, Noah Haworth, Shaan Heugly, Josh Holt, Thys Jacobi, Toby Jones, Jimmy Koster, Paul Lerro, Jazmine Niayesh, Drake Sheela, Kylie Sheela, Shelly Sheela, Satoshi Shinkawa, Justin Warner, Blaire Williams, Zelas Williams, Nicholas Yribarren and Scott Yribarren.

Sixteen additional swimmers improved 50% or more if their times, and they included: Jakob Koorey (80%), Morgan coddington, (75%), Paige Coddington (75%), Peyton Costa (75%), Jayce Ford (75%), Katherine Sullivan (75%), Chrystelle Jaramillo (67%), Ian Belflower (60%), JD Koster (60%), Justin Bos (50%), Janessa Bringe (50%), Wes Coles (50%), Lily Hodges (50%), Colin Landweer (50%), Athena Niayesh (50%), and Kara Nino (50%).

Twenty-eight swimmers have either established newly recorded short course times with the team, or had competed only in events that were 25 yards in length. Welcome goes to: Haydn Aguiar, Ryann Bakker, Chase Belflower, Tomas Contreras, Paige Costa, Jillian Gaines, Tristan Gaines, Amanda Garabedian, Nadia Garabedian, Olivia Garabedian, Bailey Guzman, Brett Hanke, Caolinn Hardy, Annlyn Haworth, Emma Mra, Javiar Morales, Sarid Morales, Brandon Olmos, Zak Phillips, Jeremiah Santillana, Shoji Shinkawa, Dustin Silva, Mark Tiersma, Jacob Ulery, Keira Ulery, Cameron Weas, Damian Brown and Brock Sheela.

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