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2013 SC Clovis SR Q1

Twenty-four TNT swimmers competed at the Juanita Allington Memorial Senior Meet that was held during the last weekend of February, and over half of our swimmers earned a second swim in the championship, consolation, or bonus final, becoming one of 30 athletes in each event to do so.

Six swimmers finished among the top 10 athletes in their respective events. Our championship finalists were led by Kohlton Norys who came away with wins in both the 200 freestyle (1:39.54) and 100 backstroke (48.49) events, as well as two third place finishes that included the 50 free (20.92) and 100 fly (49.16). Mallory Korenwinder had our next highest finish with two second place performances in both the 200 breaststroke (2:18.90) and 100 breaststroke (1:04.60) events, as well as an 8th place finish in the 200 IM (2:10.24). Chris Nolan came home with a 4th place finish in the 200 fly (1:50.66), along with a 5th place finish in the 100 fly (50.89), both of which are lifetime best swims. A female counterpart from Selma also doubled up fly events in the championship final as Emily Goodbar finished 5th in the 200 fly (2:06.80) and 6th in the 100 fly. Katelyn Herrera came home with a 6th place finish in the 1650 freestyle (17:49.90) with her lifetime best, while Selma swimmer Jillian Hatch  came in 8th in the 200 free (1:53.68), and Colin Landweer finished 9th in the 50 free (21.99).

An additional sixteen events resulted in scoring consolation swims that included the 18th place finish of Emily Goodbar in the 400 IM (4:39.11), and 17th place finish of Kyle Grissom in the 50 free (22.14). Jillian Hatch had three consolation swims that included her 13th place in the 100 free (52.68), 12th place in the 500 free (5:03.66) and 15th place in the 50 free (24.62) events, while Mallory Korenwinder returned to consolations with both a 13th place finish in the 400 IM (4:34.81) and a 14th place finish in the 100 fly (58.71) events. Colin Landweer swam a total of seventeen swims at the meet, and came back to consolation finals in four of them, including a 19th place finish in the 100 free (48.36), 17th place in the 200 free (1:44.73), 20th place in the 100 fly (54.52) and 16th place in the 100 breast (1:02.72). Khloe McCarthy made it back with a 16th place finish in her specialty event of the 400 IM (4:37.69), while Matlyn Morris came away with a 17th place finish in the 50 free (24.65). Chris Nolan swam in the consolation heat for his 14th place finish in the 500 free (4:44.41) and 11th place finish of his 400 IM (4:08.46), while Nathan Rhea swam on day one, scoring in the 16th place position in the 200 back (1:58.17).

Bonus heat finalists included: Lauren Davis (100 breast), Emily Goodbar (200 IM), Kyle Grissom (100 fly), Jillian Hatch (100 breast), Katelyn Herrera (1000 free & 200 fly), Colin Landweer (200 back, 200 breast & 100 back), Matlyn Morris (100 free, 200 back, 100 fly & 100 back), and Cody Nash (100 breast).

2013 SC Clovis SRQ2

Nine team records were set at the meet, and were led by the four broken by Jillian Hatch who newly enters the 15-18 age group. Shortly after setting team records in the 13-14 age group, Jillian now sets the 100 free team record as a 52.68 in her new age group by outperforming Megan Eppler’s time of 53.38 that was set at the Terrapins meet in 2007. Jillian’s time now stands as the 150th fastest time in the nation for girls at age 15. Her 5:03.66 in the 500 freestyle was well under Megan Eppler’s  5:09.37 that was set at the Belmont Grand Prix in 2007, and Jillian’s new record now stands as the 135th fastest time posted this year. Her final record for the meet was in the 200 freestyle, where her time of 1:53.68 is nearly three full seconds under Megan Eppler’s previous record of 1:56.29 set at the Salinas meet in 2007. This is the 156th fastest time posted nationally. Jillian’s final record came in the 100 breaststroke, where her time of 1:09.19 slid under Lauren Davis’s previous team record of 1:09.97 that was set at Sectionals this past December. Jillian’s time is currently ranked as the 350th fastest nationally for 15-year old girls.

Our remaining team records were shared among five swimmers. Emily Goodbar reset the team record in the 15-18 100 fly to a 58.28. She had previously set the record as a 59.81 at the Terrain meet in November, and her time now stands as the 177th fastest in the nation for 15-year old girls. Katelyn Herrera reestablished her team record in the 1650 freestyle to a 17:49.90 after swimming 17:54.75 at this past November’s Terrapin meet. Her time now stands as the 111th fastest in the nation for girls her age. Mallory Korenwinder took down the 13-14 400 IM record with her swim of 4:34.81, surpassing Megan Eppler’s standard of 4:36.02 that was set at Junior Olympics in 2005. Mallory’s new record now stands as the 92nd fastest time posted nationally for girls of age 14. Sixteen year old Chris Nolan came home after resetting his team record in the 200 fly to a 1:50.66 by a tenth of a second. His previous record was set at Sectionals in December, and only 15 other swimmers anywhere across the nation of the same age had swum that fast this year. Kohlton Norys was our final team record breaker in the senior division of the 100 fly where he swam a time of 49.16, repeated at both the preliminary heat, and the final heat, and going under his 50.22 that he swam as a 16-year old at the Winter Invitational in 2005. The time currently stands as the 204th fastest nationally, irrespective of age.

Congratulations to all swimmers, including Owen Ansel, Josh Avila, Joseph Cobarrubias, Morgan Coddington, Allyson Duffy, Tracy Hannan, Chris Hansen, Noah Haworth, Sierra Jett, Jeremiah Santillana, and Jennifer Yarbrough for a successful competition over the weekend.


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