Jul 082013

A ten-year old duo led by Jackson Huckabay of Selma established three new records between the two of them, with Jackson setting two of the new standards. The 10-under boys’ 400 meter freestyle team record of 5:39.34 was set by Parker Giles at the Clovis meet in 2010, and now Jackson’s 5:24.78 not only stands as the new team record, but also stands as the 74th fastest nationally among any male 10-year old swimmer. His second record for the meet came in the 200 freestyle, where his time of 2:34.85 took down one of the oldest standing records on the books. Jason Ricablanca had set the record as a 2:37.48 at Junior Olympics back in 1992. Jackson’s time ranks 140th nationally.

Danielle Albright attended the Fresno meet with the exclusive intent of setting the team record in the 400 freestyle by entering only that event. Her time of 5:24.37 did just that, as she went under Janessa Bringe’s previous record of 5:30.65 that was set at the Clovis meet just last year. Danielle’s time stands as the 67th fastest time posted by any 10-year old girl in the nation.

High point divisions for the Fresno meet included the 8-under, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14 and 15-16 divisions. When divided and scored according to these divisions, 8-year old Jayce Ford of Visalia came one point from the top position, followed by Damian Brown. Selma swimmer Jackson Huckabay would have swam away with the 9-10 top spot outscoring Aussi Kern 155 to 138 if considering all 9-10 and 10-under events. Selma Swimmer Morgan Coddington outscored Gwynne McBride 83 to 61 points in the 13-14 girls division, while Fig Garden swimmer Lauren Davis was awarded the 15-16 High Point, outscoring teammate Mallory Korenwinder 139.5 to 93. Joseph Cobarrubias was the runner-up for the 15-16 male division.

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