Nov 012013


The first North-South split meet took place at the Selma pool over the last weekend of September, and 86 TNT swimmers competed in the meet to maintain an astounding 63% team improvement rate during the second short course meet of the season.

Although it’s an early meet in the season, four team records were still set by two swimmers. Ten year old Danielle Albright broke the team record with her time of 2:34.85 in the 200 IM – a record that was set by Mallory Korenwinder four years ago as a 2:35.99 at Far Westerns. Danielle’s time is the 7th fastest swam since the beginning of the month by any 10-year old girl in the nation. The current top time is 2:30.17 set by a Florida swimmer. The 100 IM record was also reset by Danielle. Her time of 1:11.07 is the seventh fastest time posted since the beginning of September and is an improvement on Skylar Ford’s record of 1:11.77 that was set at JO’s earlier in February of this year.

Fifteen year old Mallory Korenwinder came home with the two breaststroke records, beginning with the 100 breaststroke. Her time of 1:07.66 was her first 15-over short course swim at a club meet, and her time is under Jordan Morillo’s 1:08.95 record set at the Clovis Senior Q meet in 2010. Although not her best time, it still stands as the fastest time posted nationally prior to the weekend in a recording period that begins this month. The breaststroker that she is, Mallory also posted the current top national time in the 200 breaststroke for the month with a time of 2:25.07 – a time that is under Lauren Davis’s previous record of 2:26.94 set at Sectionals last December.

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Three of our swimmers were undefeated at the meet. Kyle Grissom swam eight events, and was the event champion in all eight, while five year old Lucas Huckabay of Selma was the event champion for all five events that he competed in. Preston Niayesh came home with wins in all eight of his events, improving seven of the eight. Other event champions, along with the number of events they won, include: Sienna Abernathy (6), Danielle Albright (4), Owen Ansel (1), Josh Avila (1), Janessa Bringe (1), Damian Brown (6), Morgan Coddington (1), Brianna Colado (6), Tomas Contreras (5), Peyton Costa (3), Quinton Davis (1), Skylar Ford (2), Emily Goodbar (3), Chris Hansen (1), Katelyn Herrera (1), Jackson Huckabay (1), Mallory Korenwinder (4), Cody Nash (2), Chloee O’Bannon (6), Madison Pallares (2), Katherine Sullivan (1), Kylie Walker (6), and Benjamin Wheeler (2).

Twenty-four swimmers of the 72 who had previously recorded times with the team improved all events, thereby maintaining a 100% improvement rate. Congratulations to: Everett Anez, Jason Clausen, Paige Coddington, Brianna Colado, Tomas Contreras, Quinton Davis, Erica Garcia, Jake Goodbar, Maya Herrera, Lily Hodges, Jackson Huckabay, Jonas Huckabay, Lucas Huckabay, Alexander Meyer, Chloee O’Bannon, Shanti Reisinger, Alex Roberts, Nolin Santillan, Satoshi Shinkawa, Savannah Williams, Blake Wong, Brett Wong, Bryan Wong, and Bryce Wong.

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