Nov 012013

Sixty TNT swimmers who had previously recorded times with the club competed at the one-day Hanford meet in September; with 30 of them improving all times that they entered. This carried the team improvement percentage to 68%. Additionally, 48 swimmers either had entered only 25-yard events, or competed in their first USA Swimming meet with the club, brining the grand total of participation to 108 TNT swimmers in the meet. Swimmers with 100% improvement rates included: Danielle Albright, Everett Anez, Desmond Brown, Peyton Costa, Quinton Davis, Layla Flores, Jillian Gaines, Amanda Garabedian, Lauren Geiger, Jordan Gibson, Tobin Gibson, Naomi Haworth, Maya Herrera, Shaan Heugly, Dylan Hunt, London Jones, Toby Jones, Jakob Koorey, Michael Mendoza, Alexander Meyer, Seth Michaels, Preston Niayesh, Madison Pallares, Megan Pedro, Preston Shaw, Seiji Shinkawa, Shoji Shinkawa, Kylie Walker, Benjamin Wheeler, and Savannah Williams.

The meet marks the first short course meet of the season, providing our athletes a benchmark as they move toward qualifying for the winter championship meets that include: Age Group Championships, Terrapin Senior Meet, Winter Invitational, Sectionals, Junior Nationals and Senior Nationals.

Two team records were set at this first meet of the season. Ten year old Danielle Albright had set the 500 freestyle record as a 6:07.38 during Far Westerns during this past April, and now improves on that by over six seconds with a time of 6:01.26. Given that the new national ranking reporting cycle begins September 1, Danielle’s time currently stands as the 3rd fastest nationally.

The only other team record set at the meet was also a time improvement, and this time by 12-year old Preston Niayesh. Preston also set the 100 breaststroke record at Far Westerns as a 1:13.71, and at the first short course meet of the season, topped that time with a 1:10.93. This time stands as the 6th fastest nationally in the new reporting cycle.

A few swimmers swam uncontested at the meet, winning all events that they had entered, and they include 10-year old Peyton Costa (5 of 5), 14-year old Lauren Geiger, 15-year old Mallory Korenwinder (4 of 4), 12-year old Preston Niayesh (5 of 5), and 6-year old Samuel Noricumbo (1 of 1). Other event champions included: Sienna Abernathy, Danielle Albright, Josh Avila, Justin Bos, Damian Brown, Lauren Davis, Quinton Davis, Layla Flores, Skylar Ford, Jillian Gaines, Tristan Gaines, Amanda Garabedian, Kyle Grissom, Chris Hansen, Annlyn Haworth, Katelyn Herrera, Maya Herrera, Toby Jones, Jakob Koorey, JD Koster, Jimmy Koster, Seth Lopez, Madison McCarthy, Seth Michaels, Chris Nolan, Madison Pallares, Shanti Reisinger, Alex Roberts, Jeremiah Santillana, Kylie Walker, Benjamin Wheeler, and Svannah Williams.

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