Jun 212016

Omaha Pool

Nine TNT athletes that included three 12-under swimmers competed at the 2016 Speedo Grand Challenge, hosted by Irvine Novaquatics, over the last weekend of May, and TNT came away with one second swim. Mallory Korenwinder just missed the top-4 championship heat, and took home the win in the consolation field, placing 5th overall at the meet, and what a swim it was. After staying within .07 and .02 seconds from the Olympic Trial cut over the last two quadrennials, Mallory has now posted a time that ranks 12th nationally for girls of age 18 (including one foreign swimmer), and 72nd in the world for girls born between January 1, 1998 and January 1, 2005 (basically, 18-under), and yes, a new Olympic Trial cut. She will join former TNT swimmers, Wesley Coles, Kyle Grissom, and Chris Nolan as the four travel to Omaha, Nebraska at the end of June to compete at the 2016 Olympic Trials. Mallory’s time of 1:11.26 is a new team record.

Improvements from the meet were led by a pair of 11-12 boys, including 11-year old Bryan Wong who improved over a second in the 50 breast (38.63), over two seconds in the 100 breast (1:25.41), and over three seconds in the 100 free (1:07.26). Twelve year old Peyton Costa was the other swimmer with a perfect meet, improving all his events that included nearly a second improvement in the 50 back (34.79), over a second in the 50 breast (39.36), and over two seconds in the 100 back (1:16.02). Danielle Albright improved her 200 free (2:16.03), Visalia’s Layla Flores improved her 50 breast (39.00), and JD Koster improved his 100 breast (1:11.35). Besides Kyle Grissom of USC, and Chris Nolan of UC Santa Barbara, Alonso Escobedo and Preston Niayesh also competed.

Mallory Then and Now

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