Apr 142017

At a swim meet where only about a third of all events that had been previously recorded on the team were improved, six TNT swimmers still were able to manage an improvement rate at 50% or better, and these swimmers were led by ten year old Raquel Mecum who improved two events that had been previously recorded with the team, and swam the 100 meter breaststroke for the first time. Our next highest improvement rates went to Peyton Costa and Hanford’s Nathan Hunt who each improved four of their seven events. The remaining three swimmers maintained a 50% improvement rate, and these three included: Adian Champagne (improving 3 of 6), Jillian Gaines (2 of 4), and Carlos Garcia-Lemus (1 of 2).

Five of our swimmers were event champions in in their respective A, B or C divisions, and these were led by Katherine Mendyk who won all three events she competed in on Sunday within the B-division. These events included the 100 meter freestyle (1:09.24), 100 breaststroke (1:26.79), and 200 IM (2:44.44). Peyton Costa competed primarily in the A-division, and he won both the 200 meter breaststroke (2:54.71), and 200 butterfly (2:44.42) events. Jillian Gaines was the B-division winner of the 200 fly (3:16.72), while Ava Olson was the A-division winner of the 400 IM (6:18.90). Our only other event champion was Benjamin Wheeler who improved over 40 seconds in the 800 free to win the B-division with a time of 10:06.69.

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