Aug 312018

The Merced meet over the 14th & 15th of July served as the last chance to qualify for Junior Olympics prior to the entry deadline of the meet, and nearly 73% of our members who had previously recorded times improved 50% or more of them. Four swimmers competed in only one event, and improved that one event, and they included: Aidan Champagne, Duncan Champagne, and Visalia’s duo, Carson Clarke and Ciara Clarke. Both Morgan German of Visalia and Noah Hoy competed in five events, and each improved 4 of them, thereby maintaining an 80% improvement rate. Selma’s Lucas Huckabay improved two of three for a 67% improvement, while Nathan Hunt improved one of his two events.

Currently the 44 TNT swimmers represented below are entered into individual events for Junior Olympics. Congratulations to all qualifiers, and good luck at the championship meet.

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