Aug 312018

Following the week when Mallory Korenwinder and Kyle Grissom competed at the Summer Nationals in Irvine last month, a meet used by USA Swimming to select the Pan Pacific Championship team for the United States, Preston Niayesh competed at the same venue, but at USA Swimming Summer Junior Nationals. Preston is one of only a handful of our athletes who qualified for the summer version of Junior Nationals, making his first and second cuts at Sectionals only weeks earlier, and subsequently qualifying for the Winter National competition that will take place in Greensboro, North Carolina at the end of November. Preston joins the ranks of Wesley Coles, Lauren Davis, Samantha Goates, Kyle Grissom, Mallory Korenwinder, Bradley Matsumoto, Chris Nolan, and Kohlton Norys as TNT swimmers who competed at the Summer Junior Nationals in the past.

Preston competed in the 100 meter breaststroke, posting a time of 1:05.60 and finishing 64th, as well as the 200 meter breaststroke where his time of 2:24.87 finished 81st in the event.

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