Jan 252022

A total of 28 TNT swimmers competed at the Fresno Dolphins Senior meet which provided exposure to a trials and finals formatted swim meet for not only our current senior-level swimmers, but also to our up-and-coming age group swimmers who gain experience from competing in a senior formatted meet, that offers two swims if qualifying for a final.

Half of our swimmers earned a spot in one of three final heats, and these fourteen finalists included: Ella Bettencourt (age 16; swimming finals in 1), Emma Bettencourt (16; with 2 finals), Drew Black (15; 2), Mia Buller (16; 2), Hayden Cardoza (12; 2), Gabriela Dutra (15; 3), Isaak Ensz (11; 2), Koen Ensz (13; 3), Kody Kevorkian (17; 3), Rylee Medina (13; 1), Ayla Morgan (14; 1), Amy Murphy (16; 4), Ivan Rodriguez (13; 6), and Blake Sifton (17; 1).

Our top finisher was Visalia’s 16-year old Ella Bettencourt who touched 2nd in the 200 IM with at time of 2:15.24, after a 5th place seed from the preliminary heats. Ella is one of our senior swimmers who have qualified for, and competed in, both high-level age group competitions, and senior-level meets, that take place both in state, and out of state. Ella has established herself early on by being the third fastest 50 freestyler in the history of our team for the 13-14 girls division. Other championship, top-8, finishes came from: Drew Black (7th in the 100 fly and 8th in the 100 breaststroke), Kody Kevorkian (7th in the 100 breaststroke), Amy Murphy (4th in the 200 breaststroke and 7th in the 100 breaststroke), Ivan Rodriguez (6th in the 100 backstroke), and Blake Sifton (7th in the 100 free).

Three swimmers posted times in the team’s all-time top 100 list, and these included Nathan Boudreaux (11-12 boys 50 & 100 breaststroke), Regan Hildreth (11-12 girls 50 &O 200 breaststroke), and Blake Rogers (11-12 boys 50 freestyle).

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