Feb 032014

TNT fielded a team of 27 swimmers to compete at the indoor facility in Ridgecrest over the last weekend of January, and came home with a total of eight event champions, each earning points in individual events. Sixteen year old Hanford swimmer Jeremiah Santillana a led the group by winning nine of his ten events thereby accumulating 88 total points. He was closely followed by ten year old Peyton Costa who won eight of his ten events, earning 86 points. Our next highest point getter was 12-year old Garrison Price winning five of his ten events, placing 2nd in the next four, and 3rd in his remaining event. Tristan Gaines of Hanford had the next highest points with 71 that resulted from two 1st place, five 2nd place and three 3rd place finishes, while swimming her first meet as an 11-year old, Danielle Albright was our fifth highest point getter with 64, winning two of her events, placing 2nd in five others, and including a 3rd place finish. Fourteen year old Blake Wong was our only undefeated swimmer, winning six of his events in the 13-14 division, and earning 54 points. Eight year old Damian Brown finished 3rd in eight of his nine events, resulting in 52 points, that tied with 18-year old Hanford swimmer Taylor Shaw who won five of her six events and finished 2nd in the remaining one. Visalia swimmer Benjamin Wheeler was our ninth highest point getter with 46.5 points, resulting in two 2nd place finishes, and two 3rd place finishes among his ten events. Seven year old Alexa Wong rounded out our top 10 point getters with 46 points that resulted in wins in two events, and 2nd place finishes in her remaining four events.

The team’s overall improvement percentage was 68% led by eight swimmers who improved all events they had entered. Those with the perfect performance at the meet included: Alexa Wong, Brett Wong, Bryce Wong, Caleb Bonds, Ciara Clarke, Garrison Price, Jacob Kitt and Megan Pedro. The majority of our swimmers improved 50% or more of their times, and they included: Jillian Gaines (90%), Aubrie Walker (89%), Tristan Gaines (89%), Desmond Brown (86%), Gage Price (83%), Damian Brown (80%), Jeremiah Santillana (75%), Benjamin Wheeler (70%), Annlyn Haworth (67%), Blake Wong (67%), Katherine Sullivan 63%), Bryan Wong (60%), Emmie Walker (57%), and Peyton Costa (50%).

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