Apr 272015

TNT swimmers 90 among the 303 that competed at the long course meet hosted by Selma at the Reedley long course pool over the third weekend of March. Out of 379 events for TNT, one resulted in a new team record, and that was Danielle Albright’s 5:38.36 that she swam in the 11-12 girls 400 IM event. She had previously set the record as a 5:40.57 last year at the Clovis meet held in July. There have only been fifteen swimmers across the nation who are 12-years old, and who have swam that event this year, and Danielle’s time is 9th fastest among that group.

She was also one of only nineteen who improved 100% of their long course times. These perfect performances included: Danielle Albright (7 of 7), Allie Benegar (3 of 3), Bridget Beneger (1 of 1), Kate Frost (1 of 1), Amanda Garabedian (3 of 3), Mackenzie Garza (5 of 5), Morgan Garza (4 of 4), Annlyn Haworth (8 of 8), Brett Hanke (4 of 4), Lucas Huckabay (3 of 3), Dylan Hunt (2 of 2), Rylee Lord (3 of 3), Genoveve Mcilwaine (1 of 1), Gage Price (8 of 8), Garrison Price (3 of 3), Seiji Shinkawa (4 of 4), Elizabeth Torres (1 of 1), Alexa Wong (2 of 2), and Brett Wong (1 of 1).

Mallory Korenwinder was our only undefeated swimmer, swimming only on Saturday, and winning all three events she competed in. Our top place-performer must go to ten-year old Gage Price who won seven of his eight event, and who took second in his remaining event. Our other event champions included Danielle Albright (winning 4), Morgan Coddington (winning 1), Alonso Escobedo (1), Jackson Huckabay (4), Jakob Koorey (1), JD Koster (1), Jimmy Koster (4), Khloe McCarthy (5), Preston Niayesh (2), Megan Ridenour (1), Alex Roberts (4), and Bryan Wong (1).

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